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Kiteboarding ... and other water sports

Kiteboarding - A sport where a person is pulled along across the water on a board, powered by a kite connected to lines controlled by the rider.

Other Water Sports

Kitesurfing - Basically kiteboarding, but often used when a rider is riding the waves in the surf rather than just the flat water of the bay. Many times a different board is used, more like a surfboard, than the rectangluar board used in kiteboarding.

Windsurfing - A sport where the rider rides a surfboard fitted with a sail attached to a pivoting mast. (also called sailboarding)

Wakeboarding - A sport where the wakeboarder rides a board across the water, while holding on a tow rope behind a boat

Wakesurfing - Like wakeboarding, but riding waves, using a board more similar to a surfboard

Mountainboarding - also called landboarding, is a sport that uses a landboard, like a skateboard, but with footstraps and big nobby tires, great for riding down a grassy or dirt hill, or on flat surfaces like a field or beach with the help of a power kite.

Surfing - A sport where the surfer rides a surfboard on the crest or the sloping face of a wave

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) - A sport where the rider stands up on a big board (like a thin kayak or a big surfboard) and uses a long paddle to propel himself through the water. The surfboard-style paddle boards can also be used to ride waves. This type of riding is also called stand up paddle surfing. This sport is great for ALL ages.

Snowboarding - A sport where the rider straps his feet onto a board, and rides down a hill on snow



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