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If you are thinking about learning to kiteboard, you need to take a Kiteboarding lesson. Kiteboarding can be dangerous and does require skilled training. With an instructor you can be well on your way to being a safe Kiteboarder, can save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration, and possible injury to your equipment can be avoided, which saves you money.

Kiteboarding instructors are easy to find, but a great one, well, they can be much harder to find. This is why PASA, Professional Air Sports Association, started their instructor certification program. We wanted to take the guess work out of choosing a Kiteboarding instructor. We have developed a certification system and extensive training system that produces quality instructors.

Kiss The Sky FAQ's

1) Do I need my own gear for the lesson?

No, we provide all the gear neccessary for learning to kiteboard, except what you wear. You will need some sort of booties or water shoes (not sandals), and maybe a wetsuit, depending on the weather.Gear for lesson?Gear for lesson?

2) Does it require a lot of upper body strength?

No, the harness is connected to your torso, your arms are used for steering. However, being physically fit certainly is a plus, as this sport incorporates your whole body, legs, back, abs, and arms.

Upper body strength?

3) Can children learn this sport as well?

Yes for the LAND LESSON, but students for the water lesson must be at least 12 years old.

4) Where do you teach?

We use a number of sites in the Tampa Bay area, depending on the wind conditions. The lessons are conducted in shallow flat water, enabling the student to focus on flying the kite more easily and safely.

5) Will I be able to jump in my first lesson?

Your first lesson is designed to teach you all you need to be safe on the water, and learn to be self-sufficient as you begin to ride the board. In most cases, a second lesson would be necessary to learn more advanced skill like riding upwind, switching directions, and "boosting" (jumping).

6) What's your refund / cancellation policy?

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your time slot. The payment can be made through this website using PayPal on the "Web Payments" page. If the instructor decides the weather is not condusive to a good lesson for the student, then the lesson can be rescheduled, or if rescheduling isn't possbile, a refund will be made to the student. A student may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time, and an alternate time can be scheduled.

7) Do you need to have previous kite-flying or board sports experience?

No, we will teach you all the skills you need to learn kiteboarding, but having these skills certainly will help. If you have experience flying trick kites or trainer kites, you will have an easier time mastering the power kites involved in kiteboarding. If you have snowboarding, wakeboarding, or skateboarding experience, you should be able to grasp more quickly the board control while flying a kite.

8) Do you worry about sharks out there? Short answer, no.


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